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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jerome "Jerry" Kauffman and serves as a public showcase for his hand-crafted, open-wheel automobile known to his family and friends simply as the "Little Car".

Jerry Kauffman began toying with the idea of building his own car from the ground up when he was just out of high school in the early 1930s.  During this preliminary planning and material-gathering phase, he certainly never imagined that his Little Car would someday reach an almost iconic status. Single-handedly, he completed the bulk of this project, a testament to human ingenuity, in the early 1940s.  And although Jerry had made quite a few improvements, upgrades, and cosmetic changes over the next 60 years, the Little Car remains much the same today as it was then.

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The Little Car turns heads wherever it goes, and it has surely caught the eye of every passerby for the last 60+ years.  But, as you will learn, it was not just a novelty or conversation piece.  It had a practical purpose in its day, which has earned the Little Car its place in history and has helped it to garner its share of the spotlight over the years.  Appearing in both print articles as well as on the TV screen, the Little Car has earned Jerry quite a bit of local celebrity, too, over the course of his long, full life.

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The Little Car truly was Jerry's pride and joy and one of his most treasured possessions.  His only wish was that it be shared with the public after he is gone and that its story live on for generations to come.  And to that end, this website has been erected as a virtual monument in honor of both this remarkable, one-of-a-kind machine and its equally remarkable creator, for all the world to see.

So take some time now to browse this website and learn more about the man, Jerry Kauffman, and his fascinating creation, the Little Car.  Please feel free to submit any questions or comments you may have by visiting the Feedback page.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Enjoy your visit!


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